Sunday, October 29, 2006


When I first started teaching, I knew this woman who loved to say, "Never say never". She was always referring to her delinquent sons, but in this case, I am referring to my list of nevers. This is a hard thing to think about because I would like to consider myself a person who takes risks and would enjoy doing many things in life. I thought, "Oh, plastic surgery," but then, I remembered that I have one thing I would get work done on...I am not telling.

So, here is my list. I would never...
  1. Eat bugs on purpose.
  2. Go on a reality television show even if I had a good shot at winning.
  3. Go to a Gloria Estefan concert.
  4. Be a republican.
  5. Put on fake nails.
  6. Use a tanning bed.
  7. Skip a meal.
  8. Go to a psychic. I used to think it was interesting but now I just think it is self-absorbed.
  9. Skip Christmas.
  10. Water ski. I tried it and it scared/scarred me.
  11. Be a published author.
Those are just a few.


The Solbergs said...

Would you ever vote republican?

The Solbergs said...

Because, I vote democrat on occasion...

pat is hungry said...

Number 7. THAT, my fine, feathered friend, is why we are ChuMs! :)

Food is how we know God loves us. YUM. i think i will go eat something right now.


Sara said...
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Sara said...

If I were to vote republican, it would have to be a pretty liberal republican that believed in a woman's right to choose and not use religion as a divisive issue. Interesting how politics is the only way I can get you to comment on my blog.

Hey, if you were running for office and I lived in your district, I would vote for you!

Anonymous said...

Can you really, really say you would never eat bugs on purpose? Can't we concoct a desert island/frozen mountaintop scenario wherein you would be forced either to eat bugs or Tim to survive? I hope you pick the bugs, because Tim is the only person who can keep me sane when you are off 'maiding at all our friends' weddings and I'd thus want him to survive.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all of them. Except #11. I think you could write a great story- for all to read- even republicans.