Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our French Dining Experience

I always wonder as I am walking the streets of downtown Philadelphia why I wait so long between visits. I am never disappointed with the people watching, consumer adventures, and culinary delights that await me surrounding Rittenhouse Square. Saturday was no exception.

My friend Courtney came to visit all the way from West Virginia. In the tenure of our friendship, we've prided ourselves on the new experiences in and surrounding Philadelphia. As hunger set in and that lone street vendor hot dog wore off, we searched for a delicious, yet reasonably priced cafe for lunch. The Caribou Cafe happened to be at the right place at the right time for us. We could have enjoyed the outdoor seating, but decided on a quieter dining experience.

I had no idea, but I guess brunch goes through four o'clock on Saturday because we were only offered a brunch menu. I am always okay with breakfast foods at anytime of the day so we ordered on. I tried to give Courtney a brief French lesson, but it didn't stick as she ordered a VERY flavorful seafood gratin and I had the quiche of the day. Although it was a French restaurant and the menu was in French, the fare tasted like any other tasty brunch.

As ever, I am pleased to add on more Philadelphia restaurant under my belt, around my belt, and usually over my belt. I think I would love to go to The Caribou Cafe in the spring and enjoy the outdoor seating.

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Courtney said...

Yes, the waiter was a jerkface boy for correcting my very poor French. But, was the food better than the company? I'm not so sure about that one. Will have to consult the 8-ball.