Wednesday, July 28, 2004

"I love your purse, " she said. "Oh. You mean my handbag?"


One would not consider designer purses a controversial subject, but among some people, it can be a passionate debate.  I was once admonished for calling a purse a purse when I should have called it a handbag!  I write this post with a deep love of purses myself.
I love purses.  I prefer small purses.  I like buying many purses in a season that range in colors from a classic black to a vibrant pink.   Even though I might buy some of these purses at department stores, I do not buy the purses that are behind the glass cases.  These purses are for the wealthy in pocket and I cannot justify the cost of these forbidden purses in my mind.  So, I am left to buy the purses left for the regular folks.  
With my recent trip to NYC, I was introduced to the non-Midwestern way of buying these designer purses.  There are men on street corners and people in little stores in China town who specialize in this specific addiction where women want/need designer purses.  You can find purses with coveted letters and labels for more than half the price.  These are called knock-offs and they are good.  I did not buy any because I just didn't feel the need, but I know many people who have enjoyed this indulgence.  I recently enjoyed viewing several of my friend's designer knock-offs.  I like one specific label because the purses are unique and very colorful, but I could not justify the spending on an authentic bag.  Therefore, I don't think I could wear a knock-off.  Does that make sense?  I am not sure if it makes sense to me. 
It makes me ask the question, why do women like designer purses with letters and labels that display exactly how much she probably spent on it?  Why do women buy knock-offs of expensive purses?  Don’t all purses carry the same lipstick, pen, gum, and wallet?  Wouldn’t buying a purse that was less leave more money in that wallet in your designer purse? 
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t judge these women.  It is their money.  Like I said, I really like one designer so much that I almost want to buy a bag from her.  Luckily, there are entrepreneurs in our world who can capitalize on women’s addictions to accessories.  And can you believe it, they are on the Internet!  I was recently told about a company that has a similar marketing plan to Netflix, the online DVD rental company that sends movies in the mail that you request online.  The company, Bag, Borrow, and Steal, receives a monthly rental fee and will send you the designer purses that you request.  When you are finished, you simply return them for your next designer bag.   I do not plan on subscribing to this service, but I know I have friends who might not be able to resist.

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Eyes said...

I am not a designer person myself. I am just not in to it. I prefer to buy a less expensive and attractive items and save the money. It gives me a kick in the pants to know I can afford the designer, but don't. Funny, huh? I am a jammie/robe addict : ) and I usually don't ever believe I have enough shoes!