Friday, July 23, 2004

A Week Late and a Dollar Short

Apologies first...I know that I have fallen behind in my blog updates, but be assured, I will not falter again.

I am beginning another exciting weekend, but I wanted to share the events of last weekend with you first.  The weekend started with a yummy pan of gooey lasgana served with my yummy garlic was a big hit.  Steve, Amanda, Sara, and I enjoyed conversation before we ventured to Billy Joe's Lounge where we had hoped to sing some karaoke.  It all started out fine at Billy Joe's with a couple pitchers of beer.  I was able to sing my karaoke standard of "Moving On UP-Th Jefferson Theme Song" right away.  It was a solo of course.  After some slow ballady country songs, it really shook things up.  But, too many people had the same great idea that we had, and we were unable to sing as much as we had liked.  These were the songs that were sung at Billy Joe's...
Jefferson Theme Song
The Gambler
Proud Mary-Tina and Ike version
Thank God I'm a Country Boy
We traveled home to my apartment where we dined on our traditional after bar snack of Club Crackers and Kaukauna Cheese
On  Saturday, we toured Ames, Iowa and Iowa State University.  We also ate at my favorite central Iowa BBQ place, Hickory good.  Their ice cream sundae menu is as big and essential as their regular food menu.
We ate the following sundaes...
Amanda had the Toffee Crunch.
Sara had David Delight.
I enjoyed the Peanut Gallery Parfait.
Because we stayed up late the night before, we went home to rest a little before our evenings events.  Later, we challenged each other a to fiesty game of mini golf.  Amanda lost.  Steve won.  I was the only one who didn't get a hole in one.
So, there it is...I promised that I would write about it and have pictures about it.
Check out all of the pictures!

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Amanda said...

Best weekend of my life...

**For the record, I got fourth place in mini-golf.