Friday, July 30, 2004

Messy Child/Clean Adult

When I was little, it was a constant battle between my mother and me about the cleanliness of my bedroom. I was comfortable with two feet by two feet square that I had cleared on my floor where I would sit. Clothes, books, papers, radio, telephone, and tapes surrounded this space. This space on my floor provided me with everything a 12 to 17 year old would need to have a successful academic and social life. My mom would have preferred that the clothes actually make the clothes hamper, the books be placed on the bookshelf, and everything else have a place rather than sprawled over the floor. Even though my room was a disaster, or as my mom would call it, "a pig sty", I liked being in my room. I took pride in my room. It was my own little space with all the things that I liked. I never had a television in my room, but I didn't need that. All I needed was space, music, and a telephone. So, now that I am an adult with my very own apartment that I share with Tim, I have a much bigger square than two by two feet. If you would have asked my mom 15 years ago if she thought I would keep a clean house, she would have gave a confident NO. Well, I am a woman of surprises. I am a clean person. Sure, the apartment gets messy, but not dirty. I don't enjoy cleaning, but once I start, I have to do a good job. I take the same pride in my apartment that I took in my messy childhood room because I loved being in both places because it is where I am home.

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Eyes said...

That's a cute story.

Thanks for your support about my neighbor. You are right. She is the neighborhood bully and she has gotten away with it for years to the point my mom believes everyone is scared of her. Some people have confessed it over the years that you can't "win" with her.

I am the first person to push her back up against a wall and NOT tolerate it. I refuse to get on her level and play by her dirty rules. So far, I have done good playing by the rules. She may physically damage goods, but she isn't eating away at my soul like she is destroying hers by such actions. It has to eat her up alive inside!