Monday, July 26, 2004

Road Rage

I am a little bummed today because I was so excited to upload my NYC pictures, but the Hello program is not working so...stay tuned until I can figure it out.  They are worth it.

I drove up to Minneapolis this weekend.  I was proud of myself for driving around the rush hour traffic.  I was cool.  I was collected.  I had to turn my music off, but I did it.  It is hard to believe that I had never driven in Minneapolis up until two years ago.  Since then, I can zoom around the cities without much trouble. 
When I was driving home yesterday, I was stuck in traffic for 40 minutes on Interstate 35.  I was alone so I took the time just to look around and observe the drivers around me.  People were getting so angry and I could tell just by looking at their faces.  They also showed their aggrivation through their crazy driving.  I saw so many people "almost" get into accidents.  It really made me just want to get off that interstate.  I react to traffic clogs with calmness, but I am never in a rush to get anywhere.  Tim reacts with some frustration, but nothing that alters his driving. 



Anonymous said...

hey sara--long time no talk, but I found you (through the profiles section on the rrhs reunion website thingie)--

how are you doin? things in austin are great. the weather, the live music, just everything. :)

I hope things are going well.
Melanie Bina

Amanda said...

Road Rage takes 30 days on your life.

Have good road karma. Let someone cut in front of you. Someday, you will need to cut in front of someone, and you want it to be a good experience. Just say no to Road Rage.

Signed, Amanda (who often causes other people road rage)_