Monday, July 19, 2004

School in July?

Perfectimundo!  I had an excellent weekend.  I want to tell you all about it, however, I feel like I would be doing it an injustice if I were to do this without the pictures of the weekend.  So, I will write about my weekend tomorrow when I get the pictures from Amanda.
Today, I am going to go to school and see how my room is coming.  I am supposed to be getting new carpet in my room.  Since I will be teaching fourth grade this year, I will have to move classrooms.  I am getting the surge of energy that precedes the new school year.  I won't have to worry about my whole new crop of kids since I had them last year.  Even though I promised myself to wait until August to enter my classroom, I might break down and go. 


Eyes said...

I didn't know you are a teacher. That's so neat. I bet it is an awesome job! I am an Instructional Designer so I create corporate training. Maybe you have worked with IDs before. I enjoy it, and only work part-time as a consultant.

Sara said...

Fredette, I have not worked with an Instructional Designer. Sounds like you have a lot of freedom with your profession. I would love that. However, I do have the perk of summer vacation and hanging out with children all day. It keeps my energy levels high and gives me a great perspective. Thanks for the post!