Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Teachers on Parade

I have been in many parades in my life, but this parade I was not required to carry pom-poms or a large brass instrument. I was only required to wave and throw candy. During the Ankeny Summerfest, the educators of the year were asked to ride in the Ankeny Education Association float. I wasn't sure how fun it would be since we don't know many people in Ankeny, but I was surprised. I saw so many students, parents, and fellow teachers along the parade route. They were all excited to see me in the parade, and I threw extra candy at them. However, we did run out of candy because we were a little to enthusiastic at the beginning of the parade route.  Posted by Hello

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Amanda said...


I wish I had been in Ankeny to give you a wave and catch your candy!

Congrats to the best teacher in Ankeny! Whoo Hoo!