Thursday, July 29, 2004

I vote, therefore, I am.

So, I've been watching the Democratic Convention all week. I am not the person that the speakers are trying to convince. I am already convinced that GWB needs to leave the White House. I plan on watching the Republican National Convention because it would only be fair, right? I want to know how I will react to their speeches. I want to see if they are as motivating and positive as the Democratic speeches have been. Maybe all conventions, no matter the political affiliation, are meant to be vague and powerful at the same time. Of course, certain themes will be revisited in both conventions...terror, healthcare, and economy. Some themes will be on tap at the Republican Convention...marriage. So, I look forward to watching it. Just like I enjoy conservative radio, I will enjoy this. It usually justifies and affirms my own liberal political stance.  Oh, some of you did not know I was a liberal...well, I guess the secret is out.

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Amy said...

And if you aren't registered to vote, go to Declare Yourself: www.declareyourself.comAlso, check out their PSAs, they're great. They even made me like Christina Aguilera.

Finally, on the convention: You can read Barack Obama's amazing speech here.