Thursday, July 15, 2004

Midwest Treasures

Geographical treasures are hidden all around the great midwest. I never had the urge to explore them in North Dakota, but since moving to Iowa, I have explored a few of these diamonds in the rough. Perry, Iowa is the home to my friend Louise. She invited my teacher friends and me to Perry to have lunch at the Thymes Remembered Tea Room. We were surrounded by delicate, feminine flower arrangements and offered a variety of dainty treats. After lunch, we walked over to the Hotel Pattee. This historic hotel offers a variety of themed rooms to meet your asthetic needs. We toured a few of the rooms that were vacant such as the Quilt Room, the Needlework Room, and the Betty May Harris Room. The other rooms that I was sad not to see included the Japanese Room, Russian Room, and the Chautauqua Room. Visit the link and view some of these treasures. Thanks to Louise, we had a great Iowa afternoon. Posted by Hello

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