Thursday, March 31, 2005

Be a Big Nerd!

Driving down the road one Saturday, I came to the realization that I was a big nerd. Maybe it was the fact that I was reflecting on my four year old sandals with the broken strap and thinking how much I enjoy them compared to many other things in life, or it could have been the Monkees music blaring in the background, who knows? I just knew in a moment that I really like being a nerd.

I never thought of myself as a nerd in the recent past. I chalked it up to eccentricities. I even referred to it in this blog as 'quirkiness', yet it is time that we all face the fact that we are all big nerds in one way or the other. Whether you care to admit it or not, there is probably one, more likely, many quests, pursuits, or recreations that make you the nerd you were always meant to be. Be proud. Be nerdy.

True nerdhood is held to a high level of personal perspective. For example, one person might consider my obsession with this blog a bit of a nerdy endevour. I take pride not only in my committment to documenting my life for all to see, but also the creative outlet that this writing holds for me. How we choose to spend our freetime can reveal some nerd outlets. Tim is passionate about Lord of the Rings to the point that he wants not just one copy of the books, but two. In my view, isn't one enough? But who am I to hinder his personal nerdhood.

Let's consider music...I tend to wander into diverse genres, yet find myself enjoying in a very guilty way Olivia Newton-John and Abba. On the other hand, I can be hip...(see I am nerd for even saying that I am hip)...and enjoy Jack Johnson or The Shins.

A person can be a television nerd. If you are a Law and Order junkie like many of my kin or can't get enough of motorcycle/chopper shows, you are nerd. I have to say that I do not fall into any television nerdome.

What it all comes down to is the fact that it feels so good to be yourself. Being a nerd has really gotten a bad rap! I embrace being a nerd. We all should.

I think it would be utterly exhausting to be something other than myself. I would be missing out on all of my passions and schemes that bring me such self-absorbed joy. I will justify and explain my nerdy endevours to anyone who wonders how a 28 year old woman could obsess about such a variety of topics from goat cheese to Scrabble to pottery to itunes to buying new chapsticks whenever I can.

Be the nerd you really are. I am.


Dree said...

That's so weird. I've never met anyone else who shares my Chapstick obsession. I have one in my right pocket at all times. Plus one in my desk at work, one on my nightstand, one in my purse... and hey, what do you know? There's one sitting right next to my computer as I type :)

Glitzy said...

Great post. I love the Monkees and Abba as well ;)