Thursday, March 24, 2005


Am I the only one who leaves the hair salon unhappy? The unhappiness lasts as long as it takes me to get home and restyle my hair. Maybe it is self-absorbed to think that ONLY I can style my hair correctly, but it seems to be the case.

Maybe if I had longer hair and no matter what, it can always be brushed out or pulled up if the stylist goes tease-crazy, but when you have short-to almost-no hair, the one style is all you get. I like to spike my hair, a little, not a lot. I like a semi-wet spike, not a dry spike. I don't spike the whole head, only designated areas require the spike.

All this leaves me questioning whether to go through with plans for some funky coloring in May. I want something bright and fun to celebrate spring, yet I am concerned with the repercussion of this highlighting. On the bright side, I have short hair so whatever happens, it can be cut off in a short length of time. On the other hand, I want to like it. I know what the answer is even as I write this...I will continue to go to my stylist because she cuts it well even though her styling is not my style. I will also highlight my hair because I want to and my curiosity can't be beaten.

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Mama Duck said...

I think one of the final compulsory classes in cosmetology school is "How to Intentionally Screw Up a Blow Dry Job." It seems to be the constant that I experience (mid-range shops to expensive salons...doesn't matter where you go!). As such, I have recently made a pact with myself to not pay for a blow dry anywhere since I will go home in tears and have to redo it anyway. Good luck with the coloring! :)