Sunday, March 13, 2005

How I Spent My Saturday

1. Finishing 300 envelopes for my ten year high school reunion. They are stuffed, labeled, and now sealed. They will go in the mail on Monday. That was just as tedious as stuffing wedding invitations.
2. Playing scrabble with an eight and ten year old girls. I helped my friend babysit these girls. I will soon start to tutor the girls with enrichment curriculum. I am not sure they need it. They beat me pretty well in Scrabble.
3. Eating leftover Chinese food that made me sick the night before when I ate it at the restaurant, but since I lack all self-control with food, I ate it again. Big mistake.
4. Babysitting a one year old and a three year old. We played some house. We sang some songs. We read some books. We played Mr. Potato Head. We played dressing up babies. They even went to bed without crying. I was invisioning what I see on Super Nanny.

A day well spent.

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Dree said...

Sara, it sounds like your weekend was way more interesting that mine... at least yours involved Scrabble and Chinese food! All I had was a hot date with my computer. :)