Thursday, March 03, 2005

Black Shoes

Taking advantage of clearenced fall items in the department stores, I scored myself four pairs of shoes! All together, I paid a mere $44! I'd say that was good. Tim doesn't understand. He simply looked at the two pairs of black shoes and said, "But, you already have black shoes?" I have given up explaining that people can have more than one pair of shoes in one color for a multitude of reasons. For example, I have black penny loafers to go with my shorter gray pants. I have black chunky loafers for my longer gray pants. I have black bowling-type tennis shoes for when I can wear jeans and I want to look casual. I have strappy black high heels for the more formal dresses. I have black high heels for the less formal outfits. I have high black boots for my skirts. I have black pointy shoes for my skirts and capris. We all could use a few more pairs.


firedancerdancin said...

i've given up on trying to explain shoes to men. they just will never get it.

i go to my girls with all of my amazing shoe buys! they appreciate it. ;-)

in unrelated news i had a dream that involved you and tim. it was weird. he was rather nice to me, but you? you weren't. hahahahahahahahah. you didn't feel bad for me when i had to kick some girl's ass at your party. it was dreaming on crack, i swear it.

sidenote: i've never been in a fight in my life and if it weren't a dream the girl would have killed me. i have superhuman jackie chan skills in my dreams. she was from the ghetto and tried to break my head with a roller skate.

don't ask.

although i should ask you: what the hell are ghetto girls doing at your party? ;-)

Super Rachel Zana said...

Sara, I am not a shoe person myself. In fact, my husband has far more pairs of shoes than I do. I avoid shoe stores whenever possible. I stick to as basic and functional wardrobe of shoes as possible:

1. One pair of tennis shoes for walking long distances. (Color: white)

2. One pair of shoes to wear to choir practice, shopping and other public outings (color: brown)

3. One pair of flat black dress shoes to wear to choir concerts

4. One pair of somewhat clunky brown semi dress shoes that you can stand in all day if necessary, for teaching, church and other such affairs

5. One pair of slip on shoes to take the garbage out when your feet are clad in socks (these stay by the back door October through May)

6. One pair of good sandals for summer, to be worn EVERYWHERE

7. One pair of super cheap slip on sandals (2.99 at Target) to take the garbage out (these stay at the back door from May through September.)

Now, I do believe that shoes should be of a superior quality and last nearly forever, so that often means on spending a fair sum on shoes when I do purchase them (an act that nearly kills me since I hate buying shoes in the first place . . . but I am consoled that at least I won't have to get new shoes for a few years.)

On a side note, I have been trying to finish a snail mail letter to you for DAYS, but I have had little success. My house is a circus.

Mama Duck said...

Honestly I own a closet full of black need a pair for almost every type of occasion. Oh, I did buy some pink flip flops today to kind of mix it up a bit! I don't think they actually qualify as "shoes" though. Men will never understand the shoe and purse thing so save yourself the frustration and go buy another pair of black shoes! :)