Friday, March 25, 2005


Tonight, I think Tim and I will go out for pie and coffee. This is not only our dessert, but also our supper. I am not hungry enough for a whole meal, but I also saw the Seinfeld episode about the pie. So, I have a hankering for some apple pie. Tim will surely have cherry. I will have ice cream with my pie.

Tonight, I will play a mean game of Scrabble and hopefully beat Tim again. I beat him by three points last night. He was not happy. I thought he had surely beat me, but I am a stealth player. I do not celebrate in excess, instead, I play it cool. Then, my opponent does not know how well I am doing unless they ask or are keeping score. I usually volunteer to keep score. It is a strategy so people are unaware of the scores.

Tonight, I will download some itunes. My latest downloads include...
Kelly Clarkson-"Since You've Been Gone"

  • Patty Griffin-"Every Little Bit"
  • Stevie Nicks-"Stand Back"
  • Talking Heads-"Once in a Lifetime"

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