Wednesday, March 23, 2005

ipod love

As part of my psyche that feels that it is 16 years old, I broke down and bought a smart, shiny, lime ipod. I have been pining after this little baby for months and I now own it. I bought it as a sort of reward for myself for making to March...this can be a bit of a milestone in a teacher's year. Not that it has been a terribly difficult year, but it is the little things in life that make me happy. Right now, a little, lime thing makes me happy.

When I was picking out my ipod, I had a choice of four colors. For many months, the lime green had been my choice and for one brief moment, I was taken with the pink. I came to my senses and realized that green was for me. The Apple Man told me that green was the most popular color which made me second guess my choice, but I soon remembered how I am a mediocre, regular person who usually does what others do. I am one of many...not an individual. Anyway...I just wanted the green one to hold my tunes.

I bought the ipod that can hold 1000 songs. I could have gotten the 1500 song ipod, but I felt greedy and thought I could buy some clothes with the extra $50. If a person were to look and listen to my ipod, he/she would realize that I have a diverse musical pallet.


Eyes said...

Happy I-podding :)

Eyes said...

Thanks for the vocab sentence!!!!!

Dree said...

Lime green would have been my first color choice, too. It's so fun and vibrant.

The ipod is next on my list of Things I Must Own. I'm waiting for my tax return to come in first. Happy listening! :)