Wednesday, March 16, 2005

One Exercise Rant

For the second day in a row, I walked on the treadmill.

Go ahead, pat me on the virtual back.

Interestingly, I walked for the 31 minutes yesterday and today. I burned 250 calories yesterday. 300 calories today. I must have been working harder today. Now, I just need to keep my motivation.

I gave away my girl scout cookies today. That is will power. I suppose I should think of a long-term goal, but I must think short to day. Genetics did not bless me with the ability to eat whatever I want and stay thin. I must think about it. I must plan. I must do more than type on this computer. I was inspired by two things today. First, it was gorgeous out which made me think of summer. Secondly, I thought about how I love to shop and I love to shop for smaller size clothes. So, I have some dresses to buy for weddings and I want to enjoy wearing them.

I promise, I will not talk food, exercise, and weight loss everyday. It is always in the front of my mind, but I usually avoid places like the front of my mind.

And I am not one bit ashamed to post my weight with this handy-dandy graphic. We all weigh something.

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