Wednesday, March 16, 2005

itunes Galore!

So, I didn't wear capris today. I wanted to, but I forgot that I had recess duty and even though 50 degrees is balmy while one is inside. It is another matter when you are kid wrangling on the recess field.

My friends at work are incredibly generous! First, I helped my friend babysit on Saturday because she was not feeling very well. I didn't think about being paid. It was just fun to play Scrabble and spend time with kids without being their teacher. She thought I should be paid since she got paid and didn't do anything but rest. I could have cared less. So, she bought me the Deluxe Scrabble board with the grooved board so your pieces don't move and a rotating table board. It is excellent. She is very thoughtful even though it was completely unnecessary.

Then, my friend Heidi brought me 31 Pepsi/itune caps for free songs! Greg at work brought me three songs! And Rhonda brought me two songs! That is a total of 36 FREE itunes!!! Kid in a Candy Store! I can't wait. itunes does require that only 20 free songs a day can be downloaded. So, I will have some time to spread that out.

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