Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Big Dance

Every morning, I arrive at school and there is usually only one person there who arrives before I do. Ryan. He is younger than myself. He is a basketball and track coach. He is very sporty. He also will sing karaoke so we have that in common. He has a great sense of humor too.

Today, he came bounding in my room. Throws open my door and says, "HEY! Do you have your brackets all filled out?"

I am thinking, "Oh my god! Did I forget to turn something into my principal? What does he mean BRACKETS?"

He continued to tell him that today is like Christmas with the March Madness basketball tournement starting. Oh. I get it. It is a sport thing. Growing up in North Dakota I missed out on many things, but since moving to Iowa I have realized how important college athletics are to the rest of the country. We only care about college hockey up north. Football and bowl games, basketball and March Madness mean nothing to Dakotans.

Even when we tell people that we are moving to Philadelphia so Tim can teach at Villanova University, all they say is, "Good basketball team." I had no idea.

There is something that I just can't buy into with sports. I go for the snacks and the socialization. I was even a cheerleader only God knows why. I think it was the cute, now too revealing, outfit. And I knew how to jump and yell. I cheered for basketball but I never really knew when to cheer. Thankfully, I came to my senses my senior year and dropped that whole nonsense.

I will humor Ryan with interest every morning by asking him how his brackets are going. Then, he can tell me all about it.

Sara and Scott are picking Oklahoma State.

I say Go Nova!

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