Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hickory Park

After a long day of test taking, I was rewarded with one of my favorite Iowa restaurants, Hickory Park. Everyone has their favorite item at Hickory Park. For some, it might be the Saucy Southerner, shredded meat with BBQ on bun. Some might like the Hickories, huge hamburgers served with great fries. But for me, it is the Patty Melt. It is terrific. Lots of cheese, onions, and burger. Once, I split the Patty Melt three ways it is so big.

Hickory Park is also special because of its dessert menu. They offer so many sundaes that they are listed on the placemat. There has to be at least 30 different sundaes. They make so many sundaes on the weekend that they have three sundae makers scooping and pouring treats all night. I like to go to Hickory Park and cross off the sundaes that I have tried. Tim laughs because he knows it is part of my routine. I don't always get a sundae because I overdo it on Patty Melt. If I do get a sundae, I always like David's Delight, two scoops of vanilla ice cream covered in hot fudge and caramel with malt powder sprinkled on top. So good.

The tests were not bad. I think I did fine on the teacher test, the writing test, math, reading, and social studies. I bombed the science test portion. Lots of words about matter, refraction, theory, and other science words that I worked four long years at college to avoid. Now, three of the six tests needed to teach in Pennsylvania are finished.

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