Saturday, September 23, 2006

100 Days

I am 100 days away from completing my 2006 New Year's Resolution of not eating McDonald's in 2006. For some, this could be an easy goal and for others, they are shocked by such a sacrifice. I am surprised how easy it has been. Can everything we give up be this easy? What if I decided that I was going to give up television for one year? Could I do it? The same principles come with TV. I watch too much of it as I ate too much McDonald's. It is bad for kids just as McDonald's is bad for kids. It is everywhere as McDonald's is.

No. I have sacrificed enough.

I will say that I had two almost failures in these 265 days. I was in Nevada, Iowa with my friends this summer. We had just spent the day at the pool and there was a McDonald's that we passed as we got on the interstate. It was discussed to grab a shake for the road. At that moment, I almost fell off the wagon, but we all decided not to since we were on our way to a great dinner. The other was a simple breakfast sandwich craving. I wanted that darn McMuffin that is laced with some addictive crack-like substance. Instead, I went to Dunkin' Doughnuts and enjoyed their sandwich. Good, not great.

I will need a new goal for 2007, but I might stick with the McDonald's goal too.

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Mathman said...

Where has the year gone. I can't believe there are only 100 days left. Congratulations on being so close to keeping your resolution. I keep resolving to better watch what I eat, but I keep falling off the wagon.