Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Right Place, Right Song

You might recall when my friend Courtney and I went to a Cuban restaurant in Philadelphia called Alma de Cuba this spring. Ever since that experience, I have been trying to find out the artist and name of the song on their website. I even resorted to emailing them to ask this burning question, yet I heard nothing.

Fast forward to this evening...

Tim and I walked over to Borders to explore a little. Tim picked up the sixth Harry Potter book in paperback. I had no ambition to buy, but I was enjoying the browsing. As we looked, we heard the exact same song overhead as is played on the Alma de Cuba website. I couldn't believe it. I went to the information desk to see the artist, but it was just a track number for a Putumayo Brazilian album. I went to dig in the world music stacks. I was no fool. I knew this was going to be a challenge because the world music section was always a tough one to find anything. I found three different Brazilian Putumayo albums. I took a listen on the listening machines and found it!

I think that is a strange story.


Anonymous said...

Just a round about way of finding what you want! Kind of cool! Maybe, just maybe, you can burn it for me...just maybe.

~ Court

your chum pat said...

brazilian music is the most best. love it! oh, and tell me what song it was, i want to hear it.