Saturday, September 09, 2006

Northern Exposure

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. I know a person who likes anything associated with 1992-1993 because he loved his life during those years. I am not sure if I have years that have a stronger pull than others, but I definitely have 'things' that have that pull.

Today, I watched Season One of Northern Exposure. I watched this show way back when but didn't really appreciate the clever personalities and writing in this show. I think I should also mention that my Hollywood boyfriend, John Corbett, is in this show. This show also makes me crave the wilderness and peace that they show in Alaska, but northern Minnesota would do.

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Anonymous said...

I have just logged onto and read your blog for the very first time; you have inspired me to begin my own, I think...I would like to believe I can be dedicated to something other than grad school right now but that may be an impossibility.
PMB and I had fun last night with you and TD. We will definitely be in touch.