Thursday, September 07, 2006


Today, I was standing at an upscale grocery store checking out the bread when I saw something. Usually, I don't go to this grocery store, but today, I wanted to discover something fun and new. But, back to the bread...

I looked down to the bottom shelf of fresh bread when I saw my first cockroach. I was a little grossed out, but I was surprised too because I didn't expect this from this snobby grocery store. Then, as I was looking, a rude man pushed between me and the bread and stepped on the cockroach. I turned to him in his rush and said, "You just stepped on a huge cockroach." He looked down and reacted with, "Well, that is gross. I'll leave you to tell the manager."

Yes. Yes, I will tell the manager because I live to be bossed around by rude strangers.

I am glad the guts are on his shoe and not mine. Karma.

And I promise, this is the last bitchy post about people who annoy me (for at least a month). That is the best I can do.

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