Tuesday, September 19, 2006

#2 Covers

As if this photo is not disturbing enough with the feathered woman 1985 hair, but now, in the year 2006, someone is deciding that Richard "Hold Onto the Night" Marx really was a good idea after all.

Check out the turquoise bracelet. Priceless.

Clay Aiken came out with a CD today that is basically a cover CD of really mediocre songs. He starts it off with a mild bang singing "Right Here Waiting" by Mr. Dick Marx. Out of all of the cheesy ballads from the 80's, he picks this one. Come on, Clay. What about "Meet Me Halfway" by Kenny Loggins or something from the super sappy Chicago?

The one exception to the mediocre song choice is "Every time You Go Away" by Paul Young. It still sounds like Clay Aiken doing karaoke, but it is at least a good tune.

Keep in mind, I was a CLAYMATE during his run on American Idol. I even enjoyed his first CD, yet I am annoyed by this. A person should really do something special on their second album because it means you might stay around. Clay did not follow through. I reserve about 10% of my musical capacity for cheesy, pop ballads and I don't think there will be a spot for Clay this time around. It is already filled with Heart's "These Dreams" and "Alone".

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