Sunday, September 10, 2006

Oddities and More

Quirks. That is what people call idiosyncrasies in their own personalities. Sometimes these quirks should really be categorized as flaws, habits, and/or ignorances, but using the label 'quirk' cleans it up a bit and makes it cute or acceptable.

We all have them. Things that are truths in our lives that might not be understood by everyone who knows us. See, we think we know people, but how well do we know their quirks. I think I know Tim's quirks, but I know there are some still to be discovered. I wonder if Tim knows how much I enjoy the smell of cigar smoke? This is a quirk. Most people are repelled by this aroma. I was driving behind a car today and I could smell it. I almost wanted to follow him as he smoked his stogie in his convertible.

What I appreciate is when people embrace and offer no apologies for their peculiarities. I am sure most people do not enjoy Christmas music or Christmas movies all year long, but I love it. Right now as I write this, I am listening to Elton John's "Step Into Christmas". I enjoyed Will Farrell's "Elf" earlier this week like it was below zero and I was watching for the first time.

I can't wear earrings that actually touch my ears or any other part of my body. They must be hoops or earrings that dangle without touching me. I always have these good intentions with big earrings that have the possibility of touching me, but I take them out before I leave the house because I just can't do it.

I offer up my quirks as a confession and as a call to all to confess. Come clean.


Amy said...

I can't stand to have the kitchen towels messed up. They have to be folded in half and all lined up neatly on the stove. I used to call this OCD behavior...thanks for giving it a better name...quirks!

Carm said...

My friend Susan celebrates Christmas on the 25th of every month by packing a candy cane in her lunch! Christmas can happen all year long. I won't even begin to name any of MY quirks... I am a MESS of quirky behavior. I should come with an instruction manual!