Friday, September 01, 2006

I Want My MTV

I have a bone to pick with MTV, so-called Music Television.

True, I am no longer of the generation that MTV caters to and I am no longer on the cutting edge of anything, never have been, but I like a music video or two now and again. However, MTV doesn't play videos anymore. They play videos about once a day on TRL and they don't even play the whole video.

So why does MTV feel they should have a Video Awards show. Should a network pat themselves on the back for something they only do about 10% of the day? Let's call the Video Awards exactly what they are...a platform for already established artists to play their mediocre music that sounds and looks like everything else. It is a media driven show that gives celebrities another opportunity to force themselves down our consumer throat.

Well, that is it. I have had it with MTV. I came from the generation that couldn't get enough Real World back in the day when The Real World wasn't just about hooking up and shock displays. Remember San Francisco? Remember London? Well, London was kind of a bust season, but the fact remains that MTV is a disappointment. I can't stand the dating shows with the total lack of connection. I can't stand the MADE shows where teenagers want to become something they are not rather than just being okay with who they are.

I miss the days of videos, unplugged, and real interviews with real artists. You know, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty used to be on MTV, but do you ever see them now? No. They have some musical integrity that is missing in the MTV of today. From this day forward, I boycot that darn MTV.

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Anonymous said...

I will join your boycot. I agree with you 110%. You should send this comment to some sort of publication- it's well-said!