Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A New Pod

Dear Shiny Green ipod,
You were my first. You were the one who showed me how much I could love the mix of technology and music. I don't want you to think that we are breaking up. We will still hang out. I'll see you in my car when I listen to you on the road. There will be times when I don't want to bring my new, sleek ipod to the gym. Don't feel like #2. You are always #1 because you were my first. You will never lose your spot on the Midwestern Position's Friday Mix. That was for you and will always be for you. The sleek, new ipod will have other uses than just music. I will store and view my photos on it, watch television and movies on it, and listen to music on it, but remember, you were always the one that shocked the school teachers' lounge with your shiny lime green styling and your new ways. This was long before people knew and appreciated an ipod. You've inspired others to get ipods because I would always say how much I loved you. So, think of the new ipod not as an enemy, but as your new little brother. We are all one big Apple family.

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Anonymous said...

Shiny Green iPod served as an inspiration for me. It marked the beginning of a very expensive Apple habit...but one I don't regret. My favorite Shiny Green iPod memory would be SGi's willingness to stand in for me when pinky, God rest her soul, was done in. I feel sure SGi is a distant cousin to blackie...the nano.

: ) Court