Monday, September 04, 2006

Don't Go Out There

Have you ever had a day when you should have just stayed home?

I should have stayed home today. I will warn you. The following post is not a pleasant post.

I think on days like Labor Day, people really lose their minds when they are in public.

First of all, I was standing at Lowe's looking at paint samples and a woman kept and stood next to me. She smelled like she had gas. Over and over again. So, I moved. She followed and continued to pass her gas. This is not an okay thing to do!!!

Then, I went to Barnes and Noble to search for a book about Kindergarten Literacy when I stumbled upon the education section in the bookstore. All would have been fine except another person had set up camp in front of the three columns of education books. She had her many books sprawled all over the floor and she was very engaged in her book. She didn't notice that another person might want to look at books too. About five minutes later as I tried to tiptoe around her piles, she realized I was there. She said, "Oh, I guess I can move." Oh, I wouldn't want to disturb you or make you realize that it isn't always about you.

I left the shopping center annoyed and tried to get on the interstate but people were driving like maniacs. Things were going well with the merging except then someone decided to STOP in the right lane causing all Hell to break lose on the freeway. I decided to just get off the highway and try my luck on the back roads.

My final straw occurred when I decided to venture out again to the local Staples to pick up a few things when I was standing in line and my space was severely compromised! This young girl crowded me to the point where she was bumping into me over and over again when she was flirting with her boyfriend. UGH.

Raised by wolves. Raised by wolves.


Mathman said...

Ugh. What a day! I have to say that my day was much more pleasant, but I didn't go too many places, just a restaurant and Target (twice).

Amy said...

This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time! Sorry for your bad day, but thanks for the laughs! You're such a great writer because I can actually hear you saying the things you write. I really needed to laugh today...thanks!