Monday, September 18, 2006

It's Over

SPINACH is like that first puppy love who shows you what life can be like only to turn out to be that stinkin' cheating boyfriend.

Being from North Dakota, a salad consisted of Jell-O and marshmallows or a nice iceberg lettuce until I met you, SPINACH. You showed me there was a world outside of Ranch dressing and croutons. Along with your passionate vinaigrette, you showed me that fruit could be part of my salad. I didn't just have to settle for shredded cheddar cheese in my iceberg lettuce, but I could have goat cheese or a tangy Gorgonzola.

But then, you cheated on me and broke my heart. It was at the Genuardi's with that fantastic salad bar. I never wavered from my choice. I was never tempted by the romaine or the iceberg. I was devoted to you, yet you were not loyal. You were even cruel with that horrific food poisoning of September 2005! I thought I could never trust you again!

In time, I started ordering you in the restaurants again. I tried the delicious honey mustard salad with pears at Christopher's. I started to chop you up in my homemade pesto. But then, you had to go and do it again! Her name is E. Coli and it makes us sick! You make us sick! I don't know if I can love you again.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sara! I am finally reading your blog after 7 months ago I said I would. How have you been? I think this is great, you sure do have a lot to say. It must also be theraputic for you to write down all of your thoughts. :)

Happy belated birthday!


your chum pat said...

um, maybe you should have realized that spinach is DISGUSTING in the first place.

:) pat

ps - sadly, now that you are on beta, i can't comment as myself anymore. sad.