Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Cartoon Me

Because of Melanie's smart blog, I was able to construct an image of myself. I did my best, but I am really one of kind. It was a fun, great waste of time. Try it. It was like going shopping and going to the hair salon at once. I was tempted to put myself in a bikini, but let's be real. I am more comfy in my loafers and jeans.
I am feeling much better today. I am not in the January Doldrums. Today, I am feeling so much better. I think it has something to do with the fact that my good friend from college called me today. I haven't heard from this woman for at least a year and a half. It was great.
We had the best time together in college. Even though I was a sophomore and she was a senior, we hung out all of the time. It was sad that we only had one year together before she graduated, but it was the kind of year that was memoriable.
We had so many laughs together. We have plans to get together when I go to Minneapolis in February...weather impending.
I really like my cartoon's hair color.
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firedancerdancin said...

what a fun way to waste some time, huh? I was tempted to make more than one mini me, but the one I came up with is probably the most true version of myself. I'd put myself in a bikini too if it was honest. lol. But like you, i'm just so much more comfortable in my sweats, jean jacket, baseball cap, and my all*stars. hahahaha. I was overly impressed with all the options for sure. btw---sorry i missed you earlier. we need to make a "date" to chat. :-)

aka_Mer said...

Oooo that looks just like you! Too cool. :)

I checked out that site - it's one I haven't seen yet I bookmarked it to check out later. (Gotta go to work).

Eyes said...

I think your Sara doll is GREAT. It looks like you :) Very cool!

Dree said...

Damn, that cartoon doll thing is addictive! I started messing around with it last night, and I had to force myself to bookmark it for another time. Thanks for sharing!

Jody said...

What fun. I'll be creating myself shortly.

We are heading to Mpls this weekend. I lived there for 10 years before moving back to Iowa (to get married. I can't think of anything else that could have dragged me back.) I miss my friends, but like living close to my family.

Mama Duck said...

Hi! Found you via Iowa Geek...I love this little create your doll idea! I should have lied more when I created me (because I could...), but mine looks a lot like the "real me" too! Cheers!