Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Wow. I have had an exhausting week. I won't bore you with the details, but it had to with chili, baby showers, and a not-so-fun professional portfolio that I won't even need when I move because it goes along with all of the Iowa Teaching Standards.

I feel recovered. However, I am getting a little nervous because I am to travel to Minneapolis to see my chums and they are predicting snow. I hate to drive in snow. I am trying to convince Tim to travel with me. He is considering it.

While in Minneapolis, here is my agenda...

Friday Night
-Hang out with friends Steve and Jolene.

Saturday Afternoon
-Go pick out a bridesmaid dress for one of three weddings that we are in this spring.

Saturday Night
-Hang out with Amanda and Sara!

-Drive home.

Sounds, fun, huh?


firedancerdancin said...

Oh sara! how fun! i'm jealous! you have a great time and please tell those girls that I say hello and i hope they are both doing well. drive very carefully!


Eyes said...

They are predicting a pretty big storm. Are you SURE you want to drive? I think you really need to reconsider (if you ask me). It could be the worst of the year for Minnesota and Wisconsin and Illinois-- and you'll end up in the thick of it :<

Be safe.

Mathman said...

Ugh, those portfolios are just awful. I had to be evaluated last year and had to do that too. Have a safe trip to Minnesota.