Friday, January 14, 2005

Testing Hindsight

A 16 year old Sara!

Today I received my high school transcripts. I need this for all of my Pennsylvania job stuff. Very revealing...not really. It turns out that I was a B average student with pretty dismal standardized test scores. However, my extra-curricular activities list was outstanding! I am bit embarrassed by my obvious attempt to be good at something and obviously mediocre at it all.

Also, my transcript states that I am MALE. Hmmm.

I loved that fact that my standardized test scores illustrate my life as a B student. I am in the 80th percentile for everything...except science which I scored a less than impressive 76. The most interesting part of the test scores is that in Language and Expression, I scored in the 59 percentile. This is the largest part of my life. That is all I do. I do it for a living. I do it in my hobbies. My life as a B student never made me sad. Actually, I kind of prided myself on the fact that I was in high school to have fun. I took the classes that would not require too much energy. I survived. I got by.

This may seem strange to some of you that I am writing about this, but I thought it was very amusing to read all of these test scores because I deal with it everyday at my own school. I know what these test scores "mean" to teachers. I know what teachers infer from them, and tonight, I learned a very important lesson...

Do not judge a student based on their mediocre test scores...they might just turn out to be a successful person.

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Eyes said...

Cute photo.

Yes, test scores do not reflect anything if you ask me. I failed every test I ever took but succeeded in life above most everyone else I ever knew. I got an ACT score of 13 which said on the back was mentally challenge. Uh-huh.