Sunday, January 02, 2005

Photo Reorganization

There is something special about a selfishly lazy day. Surprisingly, I did shower and get out of my pajamas yesterday, but barely. I showered and put on comfy clothes and spent the day hanging in my apartment with Tim. Where he spent the majority of his day playing XBox and his new Lord of the Rings game, I started a new organizing project.

It was one of those projects that seem small when you start and gets larger as it goes. I have a box of photos that date back to the ninth grade. Some of these photos are doubles and do not require to be placed in albums and others are high school photos that need to be sorted and put in albums.

Like anything, this project has seeped into today. I will continue to place the photos in albums, but I get so sidetracked just looking at photos. I love them. I have so many photos from high school, but I realized last night that I have hardly any from my college years. Strange. I have a few from a party here and there and of the semi-fun spring break trip to Cancun.

Thankfully, my photos started to increase after college. I have many images of weddings, showers, trips, and more. With the digital camera, I take three times as many photos as I used to take. Even going out to an anniversary dinner with my parents, I was taking pictures. I took pictures New Years Eve. I don't think I have photos of any other New Years Eve except 2000.

So, as part of my New Years Resolutions, documenting my life is one of them. I will take pictures. I will develop the pictures. I will scrapbook or place them in organized albums. I think I can do this.

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