Thursday, January 27, 2005


Thankfully, it is Friday tomorrow. Let me list the reasons why tomorrow will be a lovely day.

  1. I get to wear jeans to school.
  2. I get to wear my red Merells to school. They just happen to be the most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever owned. I recommend a pair to everyone.
  3. Our work Christmas party is tomorrow night and I anticipate loads of fun. A teacher's husband is a DJ and he is bringing his karaoke machine. I have already told people at work that three people HAVE to sing before I will sing. Otherwise, they will hound me because they know I am a karaoke junky. But it is not going to be Sara Variety Hour.
  4. I bought groceries today so I have lots to choose from for lunch...not just fiber bars like today.
  5. I am giving a new mixed CD to my pal, Jodi, at school. It will make her day.
  6. I am visiting the chiropractor again for my second visit. I love the chiropractor. In two days, I feel great. My lower back pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain is minimalized.
  7. It is Friday. There is just something about Fridays. I love them.

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