Thursday, January 20, 2005

My eyes are burning. I can't decide if it is from my exhaustion or the lingering sinus infection that has been toying with my immune system. All I want is for my husband to walk through that door and say, "Honey, let me pick up the messy kitchen. Let me call out for some dinner. Let me throw in some laundry." Unfortunately, he is not home yet. He is working late and the countertop is such an annoyance that I will probably have to do it. Also, Tim is not a mind reader. I would have to ask him and then I would sound naggy and I hate that. I hate sounding naggy. So, I keep it inside and just do the dirty work. tired and partially not feeling well. I might have even considered taking a sick day tomorrow but I have to do some crummy assessments and they have already hired me a sub for that. Tomorrow is that last day to do the assessments. This week has been so difficult. I had stuff going on everyday after school. Today, while teaching math, I wanted to just lay on the commercially uncomfortable carpet in my classroom and instruct laying down. I don't think it would have worked.

So, tonight. I will lay on the couch and watch Wickedly Perfect. I will call my friends in Minneapolis and tell them that I am not coming because I am not feeling well. I am under the weather. This is sad because I want to see them as much as possible since I will be in Philadelphia soon.


Rhiannon said...

I'm sorry you're sick Sara. I am recovering from a doozy of a cold myself. Fortunately, I was in Hawaii for most of it, so I just layed by the pool with my kleenex.

Why don't you come to Minneapolis next weekend instead? And if you, Amanda and Sara are considering kaoroke, I'm inviting myself along!

Take care of yourself. - RJ

Dree said...

The worst part about being sick and teaching is that it's so much work to plan for a sub. It's almost easier to just go to work sick. UGH!

Hope you're feeling better!