Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Hearty Girl From ND

Grand Forks, North Dakota was 39 degrees BELOW ZERO today.

There is something about that which fills me with great pride. I have never been one to dog on my hometown or rush to leave it. I love that I come from a place that makes me hearty to the elements. I love that today, even with the snow day, I can make the honest statement, "This isn't that bad." If we lived in ND, we would be going to school today. However, one has to realize that it gets much worse than this up there, and if we called off school for this winter storm, we'd miss a lot of school. It pretty much has to be called a blizzard and then, only then, will they consider calling off school.

Let me give you some perspective...

Once in my sophomore year in college, we had seven blizzards. We had so many blizzards that the weather forcasters started naming them. The last was called Blizzard Hannah.

When I was teaching in ND, we had a blizzard on October 24..I remember because it was my friend, Amanda's birthday. I walked to work before it started to blizzard. Then, we let the kids out early. I walked home. I got to my apartment door and realized that I had forgotten my keys at work. UGH. So, I walked back through waist deep snow to my little trailer which I taught in and back to my apartment. I later took a great nap.

I realize that I have written about the weather for three posts now, and I promise...this is the last one.


firedancerdancin said...

It is amazing how being away from the ND winters can skew your temperature scale. Being as I've been in Texas for about 5 years now, I think that 60 is cold. I kid you not. I just about had a heart attack when I was home over christmas. My parents house is FREEZING. I had to keep my door shut with a space heater on to keep the heat in my room, and it was honestly difficult for me to leave that room. I wore mittens when I left my room. I'm a very sad North Dakotan now. lol.

Rhiannon said...

Sara, I'm dying to know - did you have a third snow day in a row? Please don't worry about writing about the weather too much. It is fun and fascinating stuff. Haha.