Monday, January 03, 2005

An Extra Day

After two and a half years of teaching in Iowa, I received my first snow day. Well, technically, there wasn't any snow, just freezing rain which turned into trecherious ice on the roads.

First, my alarm clock went off at the exact moment that my phone began to ring.

I was confused...bewildered. My phone never rings before the sunrise. Then, I heard Chad, the PE teacher, on the other end. He was informing me that school had a two hour delay. JOY! This was terrific news because I couldn't get to sleep the night before and now I would not be a beast this evening because of my lack of sleep. I would be able to enjoy two extra hours of sleep.

I woke at 8:30 to get ready for my return to the workplace to continue my fight against ignorance, when I took a chance. I check online to see if school was still on. Then, I saw the magic words CLOSED. CLOSED. I never believe my own eyes so I checked on television. The ticker told me it was closed too. Having a flashback to when I was supposed to be at work at TCBY Yogurt but wasn't, I called my friend Toni for a last confirmation of this supposed closing of schools. She confirmed it.

I was so happy. I had just told Tim the night before that I needed one more day of vacation.

So, I spent my day playing online scrabble, watching a few episodes of Six Feet Under, and doing some research on a project.

The only thing that could make it better would be a Diet Coke. I am out and will have to walk to the store. I will have to walk in the grass and carefully avoid the dog poop that no one in town picks up. The sidewalks are too icy.

My morsel of insight today goes something like this...snow days are like crumpled up money one finds in their jean pocket once it goes through the just makes you happy.


Dree said...

I am SO jealous! We rarely get snow days. It's raining here in Philly now, which is messy, but hardly treacherous enough to close school tomorrow. Phooey.

Mathman said...

The only problem with snow days is having to make them up in June when the weather is so nice and when it's hot at school, assuming one doesn't have air conditioning.

Eyes said...

My husband had yesterday off for the New Year-- and we were so glad because it was an icy mess here too!

We are expected to get hit on Wednesday -- I bet you are too. You might get another snow day :) I hope so!! I want a no-work day too!

firedancerdancin said...

hi sara :-)

told you i lurk...

If it snows in Austin (which does happen upon occassion...i have pictures to prove it) the entire city shuts down. People are weak down here. ;-)

Hope you enjoyed your free day.