Sunday, January 09, 2005

What Should I do?

I have six months to think about, consider, and contemplate my professional future in Philadelphia. In order for me to obtain a teaching license in Pennsylvania, I will have to take an exam, do a load of paper work, get two criminal background checks, and more paper work. Right now, I am considering substituting for a year until I can get my barings in Philadelphia. However, I have been creating a list of other possible job opportunities. Here is my list and my reasons for it. IF you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them. Let me give you some background so you know what I might be qualified to do for a job...

I have a master's degree in elementary education. I have taught elementary school for four and half years. I love to learn, read, create, and be with people.

So, here is my list.

1. Teach in a classroom of my own.
2. Substitute.
3. Tutor
4. that only goes during the day and goes home at night.
5. Work in a candy shop and learn the ropes.
6. Work in a library.
7. Corporate training...that education aspect if I have any idea what I would be teaching and training...not like insurance or anything like that
8. Working in some creative environment.

I have been looking at non-profit and regular job adds just seeing what is out there. So, what should I do for the rest of my life?


Rhiannon said...

Sara, I feel that our positions have reversed from 6 months ago, when I was asking you what I should do with my life. Based on what I know of you, I think you should either work in a candy shop or do something in a creative environment, that is, if you don't want to find a regular classroom job this year.

I don't really see you being fulfilled by being a corporate trainer. Just fyi though, you wouldn't have to talk about insurance. Our recent corporate training sessions have been on social capital (people), organizational communication, and change acceptance.

I always thought you would be a good art teacher.

firedancerdancin said...

I agree with Rhiannon--btw--hi rhiannon. :-)

I read corporate training and thought of you and although I'm sure you will be successful at whatever you undertake, it just doesn't sound like something you would be happy with. Trust me. Being unhappy in a job is the worst thing ever.

I think that you should just jump right in and get all of your teaching paperwork done. Is that something you could do before you move? It would be nice to be able to walk into Philadelphia with all of that already under your belt.

Like I said though--i'm sure that whatever you decide to do that you will be a big success! :-)

Eyes said...

Didn't you always want to open a candy shop? If so, I think you should learn the ropes. Why not? It would be fun and it might fulfill a dream of yours!!

Mathman said...

It shouldn't be too tough to get a Pennsylvania teaching license. I know that some states will give you a provisional teaching license before you satisfy all of their requirements.

aka_Mer said...

You seem to love teaching... so I was going to vote for getting your teaching license and continuing to do what you love. But then again you are young, and you have a dream to open a candy shop, and you have no little ones yet to tie you down in ways that might make it more difficult to do this later so I may have to change my vote to going for the chocolate.

I guess I'm not helping am I? LOL.

(I think Teach).

Amy said...

Hey Sara,

Here are some Craigslist job listings for the Philly region. You might want to consider something in one of these areas:

Amy said...

Here, I'll try to edit those links so you can actually read them....