Saturday, January 29, 2005

School Christmas Party Highlights

Highlight #1: My husband and my friend Ryan wore the exact same shirt. It wasn't a shirt that nobody would notice. They were made fun of for most of the night. Pretty funny.

Highlight #2: Watching grown men sit in fear that they might be forced to karaoke.

Highlight #3: Watching grown men sing karaoke for the first time in their lives.

Highlight #4: Singing a duet with my friend Ryan "Play That Funky Music" for the first time. Terribly fun.

Highlight #5: Watching my co-workers trying to emulate gang signs in their pictures.

Highlight #6: Seeing my co-workers run and hide when they see me coming because they know it means two things, they are about to have their picture taken or they are going to be asked to perform a duet.

Highlight #7: Paying $2 for a beer. I love Ankeny.

Highlight #8: My co-workers chanting my stage name, "Dixie" (What?! Doesn't everyone have a stage name?!). So, yes, my co-workers did hound me, but I did not fight it. I can't help it. I think karaoke is so fun. And so funny to watch. I am so glad that so many people tried it and found out how ridiculous it can be.

Highlight #9: Getting to hangout with a bunch of people that I love to work with and having a great time on a cold January night! Awesome fun.

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aka_Mer said...

You get beer at your school christmas parties? Dang. We haven't been allowed to have drinks at company parties since... um..... 1997 I think. Not that I even like beer (I don't) but it's just that I forgot some are still allowed! LOL.