Friday, January 07, 2005

Nutrition Market

How is it that some people can just have charisma and some just don't. Tonight, I met Steve, the Nutrition Marketplace Guru. He cracked me up. The minute I walked into his organic grocery store, he was calling me "Girlie" and running me around his store ripping bags of food open so I could try it. First, he had me trying some soy ranch chips...awesome. Then, he had me eating these super high fiber snack bars. He heated them up and they were terrific. I have plans to eat them for breakfast with my yogurt. He GAVE me a bag of high fiber tortillas to try because he told me that I would love them and be back to buy more. Every person that entered his store he acted like he knew them by name or face and welcomed them back. Really, I think his charisma is really a little bit of ADHD, but it still worked on me. Normally, when a person refers to me as "Girlie", I wouldn't like it. But coming from Steve, Organic Man, I was okay with it.

I started to spread the news about our big move to Philadelphia. I got three reactions. First, I got, "Uh, no. I am so sad. Are you sure he can't find a job here in Iowa." Next, "Oh my gosh! That is terrific! I am so happy for you." And finally, the most surprising reaction, "Oh, I am so jealous. I would love to do that." Really?

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