Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Be Nice.

I got yelled at for the first time today as I canvassed my neighborhood for Moveonpac.org. It wasn't that mean, but very rude. I can understand that people are sick of political stuff this fall. It has been intense, however, I am just a neighbor asking two simple questions. I ask, "Who will you vote for in the Presidential election?" and "What is an important issue for this fall?". I always tell the people that I can appreciate it if they want to keep their vote private. I am always very respectful and cheerful.

I deeply care about this election, but I am not taking it personal. I get that each person gets one vote. I do not call Republicans names or question their intelligence. I care about different issues than they do. I sometimes speak about how I feel about GWB and the GOP...the politicians and pundants.

I was reading this blog the other day and the woman was just mean about Democratic voters. She called them "sheep", "simple-minded", and "ignorant". WOW. Harsh. I have heard people call Republican voters the same thing. I am not sure what it was about this stranger writing these words, but they were close to home. She was writing about the endorsement of John Kerry by the Des Moines Register. She is a Midwesterner. She is woman.

This is what I want...

I want to be able to discuss politics among regular folks (not pundants or politicians) in a respectful, perspective filled manner. I want people to discuss politics with the goal of sharing ideas, not insulting or changing of minds. If one is voting for GWB, they are not going to have their mind changed. Same with John Kerry. I think a lot of people just want to make the other political party "look stupid". I think I am becoming jaded with the process. I will never become one of the people who don’t vote, but I just want people to be nice, kind, and respectful. This is what I teach in school to 10 year olds and they can swing it. It would be nice if grown-ups could do the same.


greenman said...

Thank you very much for talking about that other blog, I include many conservative blogs on my blogroll and have begun removing the ones who don't seem to appreciate thoughtful discourse. This election has become divisive enough with stooping to ad hominem attacks as rhetoric.

Eyes said...

Very good point, Sara. I agree though I have made one post where I lost my cool. I couldn't help it. I have a hard time seeing the poorest of poor posting signs for GWB in their yard when he is taking their money and giving it to the billionaires of our country. That insanity makes me lash out! I loose it...

Overall, though, and most specifically in person, I will only debate fairly.

However, again, if you had knocked on my door, I'll admit it. I wouldn't have given you a chance. I know that. I would have spouted out that it is none of your business and slammed the door. I hate to say it -- and I now know from reading your blog -- what a mistake I would have made. I would have met a really special person!

I have no faith in our political system or our elections. I am up to here with all the B.S. In the end, it isn't going to come down to the popular vote. It's all about the electoral college which is sick. It tells us that voting is just a motion without meaning. I'm tired of it all. Very honestly - Fred

Eyes said...

Hmmm...I made a post earlier here...and it is gone. Did you get it by chance?

Sara said...

Weird...I did not get your post.

Thanks for the comments. I totally get when people tell me it is not my business. It is not my business. I agree. Some people still tell me.

I also think it is fine to tell me whatever you want when I come knocking on your door. I am just amazed at people. It would never enter my mind to yell at someone. I would never swear at someone. At my worst, I might say, "No thank you. I am not interested in talking about this."

As for Blogs with negative Kerry stuff...Blogs get to voice their opinion no matter what. That is their right. I am again, amazed, at how cruel, insulting, and thoughtless people can be in any arena.

It is situations like the one where I got told to "get the hell out of my garage" and blogs that I remember to be a nice person.