Monday, October 04, 2004

Go West, Stay Midwest?

This is my third year in Iowa. Before living in Iowa, I lived for 25 years in North Dakota. So, I have never lived anywhere but these two states. So, for a person who has had a pretty stationary life, I feel like I might be a transient at heart. I feel like I might be ready to move on from Iowa.

This will probably become a reality because Tim, my husband, is looking for a job. Last spring, I didn’t feel like I was ready to move. I know I will feel ready this spring. It is exciting to think of all of the possibilities that lay ahead. I like to think of it as an adventure.

Tim does research and teaches chemistry at the college and university level so we could end up anywhere. Even though a coast sounds exciting to me, I still would like to live near family and friends. I don’t want to be a person that can only see people on holidays, weddings, and funerals and I have already gotten closer to that than I want to.
SO, I am torn. A part of me thinks an adventure in a new part of the country would be good for us. Another, bigger, part of me says, “Think Minnesota!” So, only the academic gods will tell.

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Eyes said...

Oh the possibilities of moving. I know when I moved from where I grew up only 90 miles to here -- the choices were endless. We considered everywhere -- coast to coast -- and in the end we choose nearby.

We chose nearby because a lake offers so much more than the ocean for swimming and boating -- which are important to us. And second, we had three cities which we could utiltize for future job hunts.

Don't just let the job take you -- dream a little! What would be the ultimate place to live? We did that and we don't have any regrets. We liked it so much, we got my parents to move behind us!!