Thursday, October 21, 2004

Tough Day...Terrific Night

Today was one of the few days where I couldn't get out of my negative slump. Maybe it is a combination of many things. First, I have not seen the sun in days. I think it has been over a week since I have experienced the sun. I do not think that I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, but it does bum a person out.

Work today was hard. I guess the good thing about work was that all the had stuff was not related to kids. It was all the other junk that you have to deal with when you teach school (committees, trainings, other teachers). The kids were the only part of my day that was good at work today.

Now, I will look on the bright side...I get to wear jeans to work tomorrow. Terrific! I just finished with physical therapy and I loved it. I love the pushing and pulling. I even like it when it is the good kind of hurt. The kind where it is stretching and it feels great. For years I thought that I didn't like massages. I think it is because of a bad experience I had in high school choir (we always had to do one of those train shoulder rubs and I took issue with these boys touching me...I always said, "No, thanks"). Now that I have experienced the touch of professional person touching me, I like it. My physical therapist is not a masseuse, but I might treat myself to a massage someday.

I had my favorite "Tim is not home" supper...pop tarts and milk.

What am I talking about?! My life is great. So what I had a tough day at work...everyone does. I get to come home to a cherry pop tart and spend some quality time with myself. Fabulous.


Super Rachel Zana said...

I have been wanting a pop tart all day. I almost bought a box at Target today, but I refrained. Now I wish I would have because I have been having a sweet attack all evening and there is no chocolate in the house. Desperate, I tried making homeade hot cocoa, which settled me down for a bit, but eventually I made a peanut butter sandwhich with a lot of sugary jam, even though I have already had supper, lunch, breakfast, a couple of cookies and an extra bowl of oatmeal today. Pregnancy. It skews your food perception and makes you crazy.

Eyes said...

I agree with you that everyone needs the sun. It is just uplifting, isn't it? It came out here yesterday and I ran out to soak it in. I was in a great mood because of it. It's just so bright and cheerful. Back to gloom and doom today though...