Thursday, October 14, 2004

Inspired By Leonard

I have gotten my senses back. I am no longer in the depths of stress. I have gotten over myself.

Today I met with a man through who wanted to help with the cause. I went to his house to discuss what he could do to help with Leave No Voter Behind. I was inspired.

Leonard is an older than middle-aged man who has lived in cities like Detroit and Cleveland. He suffered a stroke six years ago. He has difficulty with movement on the left side of his body and has no short term memory. With this short term memory loss, he has difficulty with organizational skills. With all of these challenges, he is so motivated to make a difference in this world. He volunteers with the public radio station, the democratic party, and America Coming Together. He doesn't let his disability hold him back from a role in this democracy.

I sat with Leonard for about 40 minutes and discussed politics, our histories, and whatever else came up. It was nice to meet someone in town who thinks like I do.

So, I won't be around for a couple days because I will be celebrating the marriage of my dear friend, Sara. She is marrying Scott. Scott is the fellow who introduced me to the possibilities of a blog. His blog was the first that I ever read. Now, sadly, he doesn't do his blog. Maybe after the wedding, he will have loads of time on his hands and start the blog again.

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