Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Christmas in October

A Hand-Stamped Creation by Sara

I am not sure if it is the food, the presents, or the traditions, but I really like Christmas.

You are probably saying, "CHRISTMAS!!! Can we get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first?"

I know, I agree...but I can't help it. I am never one of those people who hate that stores put out there Christmas stuff in October. There is nothing I like better than looking up holiday recipes, thinking about what I might give someone special for Christmas, or creating my Christmas cards.

This year, I am working on a few homemade, gift from the heart type presents. I am going to try to give at least one homemade present to each person. I am also going to try to be extra thoughtful with my choosing of the presents. I am also starting early with buying and making my presents.

Today at the grocery store, I walked down the bake goods section and had to work hard at not wanting to buy lots of supplies to start baking. Two years ago, I went through a fudge phase where I made oodles of fudge...peanut butter fudge, maple fudge, chocolate fudge...you get the idea. I am going to do fudge again, but try some other things too. I always obsess about homemade candy. Christmas time is the one time I get to indulge my dream of owning my own candy store some day. So, I make candy and cookies and everyone enjoys them because where I am from FOOD IS LOVE.

I don't think that I have fallen into the commercialization of Christmas, but maybe. I can't help myself from looking at ornaments and gift wrap. I like to think about the perfect gift for somebody.

Maybe I am a little crazy, but I enjoy the season so much that I might as well start early.


Eyes said...

That card is soooo cool! You should sell them on ebay!!!

Super Rachel Zana said...

Sara: I've been stamping my Christmas cards already too. In fact, I started in September to try to get them all done before the baby comes, but my progress is slow. I have to make at least 40, but I'm only at 23. My problem is that I HATE mass producing hand stamped cards, so each card has the same theme but is slightly different, and they take a long time to create. Anyway, I'm with you on homeade presents. I love giving homeade presents. I like writing books for people, scrapbooking calendars, framing poems I've written, etc. I like giving a gift I've been involved in instead of just running to the store to purchase something. This year, however, we are doing a bit more purchasing than normal because I want things taken care of before our new addition arrives.