Friday, October 01, 2004

Shop Talk and Fall Talk

I love a Friday when it is cold and all I have to look forward to is an evening at home. Today in Iowa is much colder and definately more windy than usual. I like autumn best out of all of the seasons because of everything associated with fall. I love the apple desserts, the changing leaves, and the harvest of all things. Football season starts, those comfy clothes that we hide ourselves in, and dark mornings help welcome autumn to my world. I think that I also like fall because it is connected to school.

This was a hectic week at school. My students' new thing is to ignore their teacher. I could stand up in the front of the classroom and be shouting "FIRE!" and they would continue their discussion about the rules of kickball or who they should sit by at lunch that day. I need a little break this weekend from all things 9 year old. I will only do very adult things. I will stay up late, sleep in late, go out with friends, sing a little karaoke, and relax without having to say the words, "Take your seat, please." Even though I really like my job, like anything else in life there are highs and lows. I am in a low professionally speaking, but that could pass within hours. I don't tend to stay in low places for long...I usually get distracted.

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