Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Thanks, MoveonPAC and Jeremy!

I don't want to say that good things never happen to me because that is simply not true. Good stuff happens all of the time, but today, something really great happened.

As you know, I have been volunteering with MoveOnPAC which is working on a project to get Democratic voters to the polls. I have been busy going door to door. Well, today, my project manager, Jeremy, called and offered me two FREE tickets to the America Coming Together Benefit sponsored by MoveOnPAC. Dave Matthews Band and Ben Harper were playing!

Now, I got the call at 5:00 and the concert was at 7:30 and this is a school night, but how can one resist such entertainment bliss?! I called up my pal, Jodi, and we grabbed some Burger King and drove up to Ames for the show. It was such a positive vibe in the venue.

We had terrific seats and enjoyed the show.

It is so rare that I venture out on a school night to do anything other than eat, shop, or to the library, but this was perfect. Exactly what the teacher needed. Tomorrow, Jodi and I can go and teach a little 4th grade with a new zest. I can also get back out on the streets and get some more votes for John Kerry!

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Eyes said...

You go girl! :)