Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Time is Not On My Side

I am acting like a chicken with her head cut off...

It is one of those crazy weeks where there truly are not enough hours in a week.

Work...lots of meetings and trainings. Duty is one of the unknown jobs that teachers do. I have duty in the morning where I wrangle children for 15 minutes before the bell rings for school to start. It is totally fair that I have duty because we have a rotating schedule, but this is a week where I could have really used those precious 15 minutes to do other teacher stuff. Then, I also have duty for lunch this week...also rotating schedule. That is another 15 minutes a day where I could be doing teacher stuff. So all together that is two and a half hours of teacher time that is being used up...I know, I should not feel sorry for myself.

I had physical therapy for my bum hip and I am pleased. I always feel like I am not sick enough or in enough pain to go to the doctor. I always worry that they will say, "Why are you here? Don't you know there are REAL sick people out there?" But the therapist was a gem. She helped figure out part of the hip problem. It turns out that my muscle or ligament (I can't remember) is weaker on my right side. I also favor my right side in standing and walking. It is swollen right now. She taught me some stretches. So that was time spent well.

I also have a ton of stuff to do in preparation for my friend's wedding this weekend. I will be leaving town on Friday and will not return until Sunday night. I will be sporting a bridesmaid dress that was my enemy for awhile before my friend altered it and made it fit me...chubs and all.

Whoa is me...

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