Monday, October 11, 2004

Pain in the Hip

I think I wrote earlier this summer about how some might call me a hyperchondriac, but I consider myself more of a "in touch with aches and pains and knows where to find the answers" chondriac.

That is my disclaimer...

So, I have had this bum hip since college. My first memory of it was when I was getting up from watching television when I was in college. I have always attributed it to "the weather". Recently, this bum hip has become quite a nuissance. I notice it more after I sit at my desk while my students are at PE or music. I find myself limping down the hallway. I look like I need a cane.

I finally went to the doctor. I always feel a little guilty going to the doctor no matter the reason. I always think, "Oh, no, there are people out there who are REALLY sick. Don't waste the doctor's time." Luckily, I have a few doctor friends who tell me that I should go because that is the doctor's job after all.

It turns out that I have some sort of ligament problem. She thinks I might have injured it years ago and it gets worse and sometimes it gets better. I was really hoping that the doctor would be able to give me some home remedies and therapies to do in the comfort of my own living room. She suggested some professional physical therapy. That sounds so serious. I am not in THAT much pain. People with real problems go to physical therapy!!! I feel dumb when she suggests this, but I am going to do it anyway. My best hope is that the therapist can give me some exercises to make it feel better.

Now, I just have to get something for my bum shoulder...

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Eyes said...

My mom injured her legiment in her hip too. She sometimes stresses it out by who knows what - and limbs too. She sometimes almost falls over when it gives out.

They say exercise is the best thing for it... Best wishes. Thanks for going to the other website too - and posting your opinion. I need you :)